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Newark Hill Academy

Knowledge Organisers

What are we Learning?

Click below to see the Knowledge Organisers for each half term.  They contain key facts and vocabulary for the topic currently being studied.

Early Years

Autumn 1- What makes a good friend?

Autumn 2- What makes it winter?

Spring 1- Why are houses made of bricks?

Spring 2 What are the signs of Spring?

Summer 1 - How do things grow?

Summer 2  What are minibeasts?


Year 1

Autumn 1- What's going on outside the Academy gate?

Autumn 2- Why did my grandparents have different toys to me?

Spring 1- Would a Tiger make a good pet?

Spring 2  What can we grow?

Summer 1-  What is Monarchy?

Summer 2- Where do Pirates bury their treasure?

Science-  Year 1 Science

Science (SEND)- Year 1 Science SEND


Year 2

Autumn 1- What did Samual Pepys spot in London?

Autumn 2- What did Paddington see in the United Kingdom?

Spring - How are habitats different?

Summer- What kind of explorer would you like to be?

Science-  Year 2 Science

Science (SEND) - Year 2 Science SEND


Year 3

Autumn - How did humans survive in the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

Spring 1 - What impact did the Iron Age have on Britain? 

Spring 2 - What impact did the Iron Age have on Britain? (Boudicca)

Summer 1  - How has modern Italy changed since the Ancient Roman Era? (Roman Empire) 

Summer 2 - What is Italy and why should I visit?

Science-  Year 3 Science

Science (SEND- Year 3 Science SEND


Year 4

Autumn 1- What is the use of having totem poles?

Autumn 2-  Why does the world need rainforests?

Spring 1- Who were the greatest- Anglo Saxons or Vikings?

Spring 2- Who were better, the Anglo-Saxons or Vikings?

Summer -  What was life like in Ancient Egyptian civilisation?

Science-  Year 4 Science

Science (SEND)- Year 4 Science SEND

Year 5

Autumn What will you find beyond the Earth's atmosphere?

Spring 1- Who were the Mayans?

Spring 2- Why are Tudors called Tudors?

Summer 1- What makes the Earth angry?

Summer 2- How can we move around the World differently?

Science-  Year 5 Science

Science (SEND- Year 5 Science SEND

Year 6

Autumn 1- How did WW2 change Britain?

Autumn 2- How did WW2 change Britain?

Spring - What legacy have the Ancient Greeks left behind?

Summer -  Who benefits from new businesses?

Science-  Year 6 Science

Science (SEND-  Year 6 Science SEND