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Newark Hill Academy

Knowledge Organisers

What are we Learning?

Click below to see the Knowledge Organisers for each half term.  They contain key facts and vocabulary for the topic currently being studied.

Early Years

Autumn 1-The Little Red Hen

Autumn 2- Festivals and The Three Little Pigs

Spring 1- Kumak’s Fish and The Arctic

Spring 2 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Summer 1 Jack and the Beanstalk

Summer 2

Year 1

Autumn 1- What's going on here?

Autumn 2- What's going on here?

Spring 1- Plants

Spring 2 Animals Around the World

Summer 1 Let's Build

Summer 2

Year 2

Autumn 1- The City of London and Paddington

Autumn 2- Great Fire of London

Spring 1- All creatures big and small.

Spring 2 All Creatures Great and Small

Summer 1 Exciting Explorers

Summer 2

Year 3

Autumn 1 Discovering Dinosaurs

Autumn 2 Stone Age to The Iron Age

Spring 1- Forces and magnets

Spring 2-  Plants

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 4

Autumn 1- The Americas

Autumn 2- The Americas

Spring 1- Invaders and Settlers- The Anglo-Saxons

Spring 2- Invaders and Settlers- The Vikings

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 5

Autumn Earth and Beyond

Spring 1- The Maya Civilisation

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 6

Autumn WW2 and The Heart and Nutrition

Spring 1- Ancient Greece

Spring 2- We are Scientists

Summer 1

Summer 2