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Newark Hill Academy

Using AI

This year we have experiment with using AI. For example, we have used Copilot Design's image creator for children to copy and paste description in to see if what they have written matches the children's picture in their head. If it does not, the children can edit their work with more description until the visuals show what they want to see. We have found this has had a really positive impact on writing outcomes.


Mrs Leadbeater, leads our Academy in using Reading Progress

During our journey to developing AI at our Academy, we have been using Reading Progress to support our children’s reading. Reading Progress is so simple to use and accessible to both teachers and children. While Reading Progress does provide pre-made texts and comprehension questions, it does also allow for teachers to choose a text and then the AI produces comprehension questions based on given parameters. This allows our reading to be more purposeful to our learning or simply more fun, drawing on the interests of our children, thus improving engagement.

Reading Progress provides our children with instant feedback allowing them to identify words they struggled with and areas to develop. Teachers are able to track and assess children’s progress and provide personal feedback as well.

This has been a fantastic resource to support reading at our academy. Feedback from across our academy has been very positive from both teachers and children and we look forward to the future possibilities it will bring as AI develops.