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Newark Hill Academy


Learning for Sustainability – Love our Planet

Newark Hill Academy acknowledges the importance of pedagogy of place learning and pupils are facilitated to use the academy’s enriched environmental area. We also believe it is important to teach the children from a very young age the connection between their learning and the outside environment – local, national and global.

 Apart from using the school environment as a tool for teaching and learning, the curriculum is tailored to make children aware of the importance of a sustainable world. The aim is to achieve this by enabling pupils to make links between the topic they are learning with the real world, through research and what they see, feel and experience. Learning for sustainability educates pupils of how events in the past impacts and has effects on their present and how our present actions could shape the future of our world.

 At Newark Hill Academy, an effective whole school and community approach to Learning for sustainability weaves together global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning with the emphasis based upon responding to and empathising with our natural resources to create a coherent, meaningful and rewarding learning experience

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Love our Planet- Sustainability Curriculum Overview

Our Sustainability Coordinator is Mrs Auffret

See the documents attached for Planning and Progression of Skills in Sustainability.