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Newark Hill Academy

Supporting SEN Pupils

Microsoft Tools open so many doors for pupils who have learning difficulties.  Here are a few examples on what we use to support our children who need additional support:

  • We are able to change the font-size and colour of the screen for pupils who are visually impaired.
  • Immersive reader can read out instructions or text for pupils who have a poor reading ability.
  • Use Office Lens to take photographs of printed text and transfer to Immersive reader
  • Use speech recognition using Dictate to convert spoken language to text in Powerpoint, Word and OneNote.

These are just a few examples, but the capacity is limitless.

Here is a case study on how our practise has evolved using Microsoft Tools.

Mrs Shortland - SEND Leader

Through Microsoft Learn, I have been able to develop my understanding of how Microsoft Tools can be used with pupils and impact my practice. I have been able to engage in hugely beneficial training online and it has been an excellent source to use to develop my skills set as it provides clear, concise tutorials followed with quiz elements to test gained knowledge and skills. The badges awarded provide a clear view of which learning has been undertaken. 


It has allowed me to attended training sessions which have been able to be personalised to my role within SEN, and this newfound knowledge then disseminated throughout colleagues. I have engaged with online tutorials and invested time in professional development and learning in order to increase my knowledge and understanding about the different digital tools available to me. 

Through Microsoft Learn I have gained many new skills which have developed my abilities to support learners with SEN.  



Flip allows learners of all abilities the chance to showcase their learning and skills. It provides them with an opportunity to express their learning without the worry of writing errors. It therefore creates an equal voice for all. Flip has been pivotal when working with learners with SEN, as by removing the barrier to learning, skills can be demonstrated and progress monitored.  

Working with learning with SEN, I have found that Flip has been a brilliant way to build relationships with my pupils. With the opportunity for them to adapt their video length, it allowed them to respond in a manner they feel comfortable with. The longer length video's allowed for children to update me on their news, share books with me and complete their reading tasks set. Children really enjoy when an adult responds to their videos and, without writing to decode they are able to respond to feedback given.  

Whilst using Flip I have been able to see children grow in confidence both within themselves, and their reading. They have become less worried about making mistakes and have begun to relax more. 

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