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Newark Hill Academy

STEM Clubs

We have had real focus on developing coding across the Academy. Several clubs have formed as a result of the enthusiasm of our pupils.  


The Online Safety Cadets (OSC) was a project I set up when I first arrived at NHA and I have been building on each year. With the increase of exposure to social media from a young age and the rise in collaborative gaming with chat features it became necessary to do more than just lessons to address the children’s need to protect themselves in an ever changing environment. The OSC provides another platform for children to develop open conversations about staying safe online. It’s not easy to keep up with the ever changing online world. The OSC provide a bridge for those children struggling to ask for help from an adult. Our main mission is to encourage all children to speak out about concerns and seek help instead of facing it alone.  

This year particularly the OSC has been evolving. This year’s children have developed the club to promote online safety and coding. We have been looking at ways to explore online safety through gaming and have many new projects in the works, so watch this space.  


Year 6 Coders of The Future  

Year 6 pupils applied to join afternoon sessions of coding and have got stuck into it! The children are not only enjoying using the various technology and coding programs but also considering the skill path for careers in future. Using a variety of skills and programs, the children have combined being creative with being scientific. They have found a range of strengths in the teams they created and worked well to design and code together. It is especially exciting to see so many of our girls with ambitions to become computer programmers or work for Microsoft. The children can see that computer science is a career pathway for anyone regardless of their gender or race.