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Newark Hill Academy


Reading Overview

We have high expectations for children with their reading and expect all children to read at home and in school. On our school website you can find a section called ‘Help with Homework’ which has lots of ways you can help your child with reading. Please hear your child read as often as you can with a minimum of three times a week. Pupils will be required to add a 5-minute video of them reading to their class Flipgrid area each week. Your child’s class teacher is available to support if you need it: please email them directly. 

Here is an video which shows how to you can share a book with your child and get the best learning from it.



Reading books

Each class has its own class library with a range of books suitable for their age group. More books are available for the classes on request so children are not limited to this selection. If books stay within their bubble area, children are able to select books as they wish. If books are taken outside of their bubble area, those books will be placed in quarantine for 72 hours and wiped before re-joining the class library. All books will be wiped when a child has finished with it.

Reading at home

In Early Years to Year 4, all children have a log in to Reading Eggs/ Reading Eggspress. Class teachers have access to their log in details and can support and monitor usage. This programme is individual to each child and their stage of reading. There are games and activities to develop phonics, vocabulary building, grammar and comprehension. It has a huge online library of books suitable for the child’s age and stage of learning. It is expected that children in these year groups use this program out of school unless they have permission not to by their class teacher. 

Occasionally books may be sent home for children to read. These books will be placed in a safe area when being returned to the school and wiped before being used by other pupils.

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 will continue to read their books in school and out.


Flipgrid Reading

All children are being trained on using Flipgrid to upload their weekly reading clip. We already have lots of pupil experts who regularly sent videos during the lockdown period and they will be helping to train others. You will be given a step by step guide on how to upload their videos.


Reading in the classroom

Staff at the school will hear your child read. We will sit side by side and will not touch their book. We do not have paper reading records this year. Parents and teachers can communicate via email to best support your child with reading.


Formal Assessments

We will continue to follow the national curriculum and assessments timeline. This year there are a few changes. Formal assessments in reading will happen throughout the year.

EYFS- Baseline assessments in September

Year 1- Phonic screening in June 2021

Year 2- Phonics screening in November 2020 and KS1 National Curriculum Assessment in May 2021

Year 3,4,5- Staggered testing of reading comprehension throughout the school year

Year 6- KS2 National Curriculum Assessment in May 202


If you have any questions about reading, please contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns. Alternatively I am available to help and can be contacted by email at