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Newark Hill Academy

Physical Education


At the Newark Hill Academy, CHILD is at the heart of our enquiry based curriculum.


We challenge our pupils by giving them opportunities to participate in the community by involvement in inter-school sports and swimming tournaments, local authority and Trust based competitions. We allow them to recognise and achieve their full potential within the lesson and give opportunities to compete in a competition against their peers at the end of their unit. We ensure we meet the need of all of our learners, including pupils with SEND.



We ensure happiness and health in PE is taught throughout. We look at units throughout the year that supports their health, well-being and physical fitness.




Our pupils will be inspired by the use of sports coaches that come in to teach and support within the lessons. We invite outside clubs e.g. Peterborough United to come in and do motivational speeches with the children to help encourage the children on their journey.




We equip our pupils with lifelong learning in Physical Education, so they can take their skills and apply it in settings beyond the classroom. This could be using OAA map work, working as a team or applying a specific skill learnt into a sport.




We celebrate diversity in Physical Education and take part in many charity events such as sports relief. We adapt lesson to ensure it is inclusive for everyone within the Academy.





At Newark Hill Academy we provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health, well-being and physical fitness. As our children progress through the curriculum they will have opportunities to compete in sport and other activities that build character, develop leadership, personal and social skills and help to embed values such as respect, resilience and perseverance. 

At the Newark Hill Academy, we teach weekly Physical Education lessons across school following an enhanced model of the programme of study outlined in the National Curriculum and Early Years Framework. Our provision is enhanced through the effective use of the Sports Funding focussed on the 5 key indicators. Specialist coaches in both sports and dance enhance the delivery of lessons, which provides CPD for staff where appropriate. Lessons are planned following the progression grid created by the curriculum leader, which outlines the knowledge, skills and vocabulary from Early Years to Year 6. This is designed to build on prior knowledge to support children to be successful in their primary end of year goals. The teaching and learning is personalised through the teachers medium term planning, which uses a range of schemes and teachers own professional judgement. Subsequently, it is our aim that when children leave our school they will leave with an understanding of how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

Children exploring emotions during P.E. 

PE lessons follow a clear, comprehensive and progressive scheme in line with the National Curriculum. Teaching and learning shows progression across the four strands of PE we teach: games, dance, athletics and gymnastics. Children have access to key vocabulary on the displays in the hall to allow them to know more and remember more.

Where appropriate cross-curricular links are made where we encourage children to demonstrate their values based learning, maths and speaking and listening skills. Dance, gymnastics and sports specialists deliver PE lessons across school to provide CPD for staff and reduce teacher workload. Inter and intra sporting events take place across the year to provide children with opportunities to participate in competitive events. 

In order to achieve the outcomes for our children contained within our intent statement, we use a National curriculum assessment programme developed by Allison Consultancy.


Children at Newark Hill Academy understand the importance of PE and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how this can be achieved. This is evident through pupil voice and monitoring which takes place every half term. Children will achieve age related expectations by the end of each year group, through high quality teaching and consistency through the subject progression grid. This allows children to know more, remember more and be confident in their sporting skills and vocabulary.
Competitions and School Games

We ensure wider participation in the community by involvement in inter-school sports and swimming tournaments, local authority and Trust based competitions. Throughout the year we take part in as many different events as possible including multi skills for EYFS, Year 1 and 2, Athletics for Year 4,5 and 6, lots of football competitions for Year 3-6 and many more. Workshops are also completed throughout the year depending what deems beneficial for the children. Last year we took part in a 'Super Me' workshop for different year groups throughout the school that needed help to focus on health and well-being through active play and PE sessions.

Every July we attend a Greenwood Academies Trust Inter-sports competition where we have won three times.

At Newark Hill Academy we have ‘sports captains’ that change each year. These captains are in each class and are the voices for PE across the academy. Termly meetings are held to ensure they are happy with PE across the academy and if they wish to make any changes, add in competitions etc.

PE Programmes of Study:

Our PE Coordinator is Mrs Haughton 

See the documents attached for Planning and Progression of Skills in PE.