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Newark Hill Academy

Our Curriculum


At the Newark Hill Academy, our bespoke curriculum has been designed for our pupils by our teaching team to meet the needs of our learners. We have created a thematic approach using the resources in our local area to make our curriculum meaningful.  We deliver rich experiences and knowledge to equip them to the next stage of their learning career and beyond. There is a clear rationale behind our curriculum, and careful thought and planning has gone into each of our areas of learning to allow for concept progression and links. 

We intend to have a highly motivating and stimulating curriculum which encourages children to ask questions, be independent learners, collaborate and be aspirational. The curriculum is a way in which we make the learning meaningful for the children.

Our curriculum requirements of the equality act and the SEND regulations in enabling access for all.

Our curriculum is the driver in which we are able to implement the school's values of; respecting others, their own local environment and the wider world; being responsible and being resilient.  The impact of our curriculum will be seen in not only in measurable attainment and progress, but in the well-rounded individuals who are polite, well-mannered caring that understand and respect everybody’s differences and beliefs.



We challenge our pupils to recognise and achieve their full learning potential. Our rich curriculum is underpinned with the appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the National Curriculum. The academy has developed a knowledge based curriculum which drives pupil progress. Content is carefully chosen to engage children and encourage them to ask questions, be independent learners, collaborate and be aspirational. The Newark Hill child aims high.


We ensure happiness and health at the academy by promoting positivity and self-esteem; providing a nurturing environment in which children will flourish. Our academy is a safe place to be. Children are actively encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle, participate in sporting activities and be ready to learn in both body and mind. The Newark Hill child feels safe, welcome and valued for who they are.




Our children are inspired by teaching an exciting, enquiry-led and empowering curriculum: fostering inquisitive minds and a thirst for learning through exciting lesson, visitors and visits. Our curriculum enables them to be inspired to develop their own personality ensuring everyone's 'Character Counts' to become future role models.  The Newark Hill child wants to learn more, be inspired and inspire others.



We equip our pupils with Lifelong Learning tools to confidently face an unknown future. Learning is relevant and meaningful, showcasing a high level of computing skills and encompassing the core school values of Respect, Resilience and Responsibility.  Skills for life are embedded in every aspect of academy life. The Newark Hill child is well-equipped and future-proof.



Our curriculum celebrates diversity: all different, all welcome. Pupils are taught to appreciate and respect the uniqueness and diversity of others. Our curriculum is designed to develop responsible citizens with a sound understanding of their role within the community and the wider world. The Newark Hill child is a global citizen who is kind and respectful to all. We celebrate and educate our children about Pride Month in June and celebrate differences - see assembly




Our curriculum is delivered through a thematic, enquiry approach so pupils all pupils cover all the areas of the National Curriculum.  Here is our curriculum map showing overarching enquiry questions which are used in conjunction with each topic area maps found on the tabs.

We use a curriculum partners to support the deliver of our broad and balance curriculum. These include:

We are a Microsoft Showcase School and we use these tools effectively throughout our curriculum


We follow the mastery maths approach and draw on these resources to drive standards in mathematics.


        Support the delivery of history teaching and learning


This delivers the French curriculum across our academy.




This is used to enhance our PSHE Curriculum.



To support the delivery of Online Safety 




This supports some of the music curriculum design.


 We are proudly hold the Gold Award for this partnership. This supports the development of 8 life skills across the academy.


Supporting the development of spellings.


Supporting learning outside the academy.




Supporting the development of mathematic skills outside the academy.





Supporting the development of reading skills outside the academy.




 Supporting the delivery of Art and Design & Design Technology.


Click to see our Knowledge Organisers to support the children with their learning.


Our curriculum is ambitious and offers clear progression to our pupils. Pupils are carefully assessed against criteria across all curricular areas.