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Newark Hill Academy


At the Newark Hill Academy, we use Flipgrid across all areas of the curriculum. 

Miss Calver, who is a Year 1 teacher, explains how she used Flipgrid with her pupils:

Flipgrid is an extremely user friendly website, that allows teachers to facilitate video discussions. With my class of 30 Year One children, I have been able to use this social learning platform to encourage the children to engage in thoughtful online conversations. It is a super simple way for students and teachers to ‘share’ information, across all areas of the curriculum. 


At the beginning of the academic year, we had a visit from a lady who attended Newark Hill Academy in the 1960s. In preparation for her visit, the children recorded themselves asking questions on Flipgrid that they wanted to ask her about what school life was like in the past. This history lesson supported their IT skills, as well as their curiosity about others. 


In the Autumn term, the children wrote some fantastic weather reports, which they then presented on Flipgrid. As they practised, their delivery of the report became better each time, as their confidence grew. 


I have used Flipgrid to pose questions to the children - ‘Do you know any facts about dinosaurs?’ and ‘What is a non-fiction book?’. Those children who, in person, might have felt anxious about speaking in front of a group confidently shared their knowledge through videos on Flipgrid. 



During the lockdown period, the children have been recording themselves reading books. This has enabled teachers and teaching assistants to listen to them read, give feedback accordingly and ask thought provoking questions. This is helps to improve their comprehension. 


Question that we ask the children frequently in Maths are, ‘why?’ and ‘how?’. Flipgrid provides the perfect platform for them to explain their own understanding, and prove their answers.