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Newark Hill Academy

Equality Objective

The Newark Hill Academy

Equality Objective

To ensure that the needs of children arriving in the Academy with little or no English are able to access the curriculum and make as much progress as possible.

To do this we will:

  • Identify the children on entry and give them immediate support.
  • Provide them with the security of being in a same language group whenever possible with a named TA to give them emotional support and track their progress.
  • Provide an induction programme for English to help them quickly acquire enough English to cope with day to day issues.
  • Where possible resource dual language books for those that can read in their home language.
  • SLT to track cohorts of children with a common language to improve practice and enable the children to make progress.
  • Research best practice across the city to help us improve our provision.
  • Welcome the parents into the Academy community by having translations of common letters and signage where appropriate.
  • Creating an ethos that celebrates the diversity of different cultures in our Academy.