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Newark Hill Academy

Dealing with reports of Bullying

In assemblies, we drive the message of ensure pupils understand the difference between being rude, mean or bullying.

When an incident arises, all staff use these terms with the children.

When an incident occurs, we first establish which of the categories it is and deal with it appropriately.

If a case of bullying is reported, we take each case very seriously. A member of staff will ask the pupil or parents about the incident or incidents and deals with it. This record is then added to our bullying log and all staff are informed to watch the pupil/pupils involved to ensure there are no further incidents. After a period of time, the pupil and parents are contacted so we can have a review conversation. If there have been no further incidents and everyone involved is happy that the case has been dealt, we close the case down but keep it logged on our system. 

All incidents are recorded on our data management system and are monitored by the Senior Leadership Team.