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Newark Hill Academy


We are currently consulting on using Jigsaw. The consultation will be completed by 30th October 2023.

Please send your feedback on this consultation to

Why we have chosen Jigsaw?

We have chosen to use Jigsaw at the Newark Hill Academy after a number of good practice visits from other school many members of the teaching team have visited.  The curriculum sequencing, progression and resources are ideal for our staff members to ensure it is taught with clarity and rigour.

A small number of family members have raised concerns or asked questions with regards to what is being taught and Jigsaw has a wealth of documents written for family members which will ensure their queries are answered fully.

Documents to read

This document gives you a broad overview of the Jigsaw curriculum program we would like to follow.

Here is a family member leaflet explaining the Jigsaw approach.

Here is a document that covers how it is taught in Early Years.

Here is a family member leaflet explaining the Relationships and Sex Education approach using Jigsaw

Here are the highlighted parts that can be opted out for family members.

Here is a family member document regarding LGBTQ+

Here is our Relationships and Sex Education Policy.  If you would like to discuss this further please speak to Mrs Auffrett or Mrs Farooq.