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Newark Hill Academy


If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please inform us by telephone or send an email to Any absence not covered by a reason will be considered 'Unauthorised' in Government legislation.

If your child should need to leave during school hours, please let us know in advance.  Could you also bring in a copy of any appointment letter or card to assist with our Attendance procedures.

Every Day Counts – aiming for 100% attendance and punctuality


Attendance is above 97%

This means that your child is absent for less than 6 days a year.

Your child has every chance of meeting and possibly exceeding target levels


Attendance is 95% or more

Absent for less than 10 days in the school year, therefore missing up to 50 hours of learning.

Your child will probably achieve their target levels if they catch up on lost learning


Attendance is 90-94.5%

Absent for up to 20 days in the school year, which is a month’s lost learning of potentially 100 hours.

The amount of absence may make progress in learning difficult

Very Concerning

Attendance is between 85-90%

Absent for up to 30 days in the school year – 6 weeks, which is potentially 120 hours of lost learning.

Missing this much time will make it extremely difficult for your child to keep up in lessons, make progress and reach their target levels. The Newark Hill Academy Attendance Lead and the Local Authority will become involved.

Deeply Concerning

Attendance is below 85%

This amount of absence will seriously affect your child’s learning potential and life chances. Parents/Carers may face court action.

Your child is missing 180 hours+ of learning and unlikely to reach target levels and fulfil potential.

When managing non-attendance matter, we follow the policies from Peterborough City Council - Click here to see their information and policies

For more detailed information, please find our attendance policy on our policy page by clicking here.

Below you will see attached the leave of absence form for you to download

Peterborough City Council’s guidance is, that only one day is authorised for each religious festival with a maximum of three days in any one academic year. See the policy attached below.

Additional days for extended celebrations should be treated in line with the school’s leave of absence process and at the discretion of the Principal.

Here is the link to our attendance policy