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Newark Hill Academy

Action Plans

We strive to equip our pupils with skills for the future with a drive to develop the use of technology for learning across all subjects to better prepare our children for the demands of the 21st century workplace, with the belief that effective use of technology in lessons enhances and extends student learning.
It is key that we ensure our children are 'life-ready' and not simply 'work ready' by delivering a personalised learning approach with strong foundations in social and emotional skills through developing a growth mindset.


Digital Transformation Action Plan 2019/2020

Being prepared for upload


Digital Transformation Action Plan 2018/2019 

Planned Actions 


Time Scale 






Intended Outcomes 


Monitoring Process 

Evaluation of Impact 

Principal and Academy Lead Digital Champion to attend Microsoft Showcase School Training at Paddington 

December 2018 

Mrs Kendal 

Mrs Jenson 

Train tickets to London 

To develop the knowledge and skill set of the Computing Leads in the academy to disseminate in the academy. 


Principal and Lead Digital Champion attended training and are the academy experts. 

Academy system to be upgraded to a one sign in for all staff and pupils 

November 2018 

IT Team 

New switches 

We will migrate on to Windows 10 in line with the Trust’s rolling program. Airhead will be live for staff and pupils for easy access to all Computing programs 

Termly SCR Meetings with Daniel Dudley and Sonia Kendal 


Deputy Principal ensuring Teaching Assistants are fully engaging. 

All children and staff access Airhead on or off site. Teams is fully embedded becoming the main vehicle for communication and collaboration.  

All staff to be trained on Microsoft applications 

January 2019 

Mrs Kendal 

Tablet Academy Training Days x 3 


17 Supply teachers 

Staff will be confident to use Microsoft 365 programs to enhance our teaching and learning to improve our outcomes for pupils. 

Teachers are to have Tablet Academy Training to ensure they are confident with using Microsoft applications to their full potential with teaching and Learning. 


Deputy Principal will deliver training with Teaching Assistants. 


Midday, admin and site staff to be able to access drop-in clinics to develop their use of Microsoft 365 if they come across barriers which will impact their role. 

Deputy Principal ensuring Teaching Assistants are fully engaging. 


Staff able to access training through drop-in clinics 

At least 10 digital devices to be placed in each classroom 

April 2019 

Mrs Kendal 

Wave 1 – 70 Dell Latitudes 


Wave 2 – 80 Dell Latitudes 

Pupils should have good access to a digital device when needed.  Pupils should be able to make an informed decision when they should use technology to support their learning and be able to access it without barriers. 

Wave 1 of the laptops have been placed in each classroom.  The devices are used in the same way as some stationery.  Technology is embedded in the majority of classrooms. 

 This has been met and surpassed as now Year 6 have devices on a 1:1 ratio and present all their learning using OneNote as a digital portfolio. 

All teaching staff to become MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) 

February 2019 

Mrs Kendal 

Mrs Radford-Rea 



Teachers will be committed to their professional development of using technology in the classroom by completing Microsoft Education Courses to further their understanding of how to create a 21st century classroom. 

All teaching and Teaching Assistants have become MIE certified. 


Staff encouraged to update the MIE leader board of their achievements. 

July 2019 -  All teachers and Teaching Assistants have a MEC profile and are MIE.  This has also extended to include the admin team, the site manager and the academy cook.  

At least 25% of teaching staff are to become MIEE (Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts) 

March 2019 

Mrs Kendal 

Miss Calver 

Mrs Worts 

Miss Jensen 

Miss Bowler 

Mr Storer 

Mrs Noyes 

Miss Rikh 

Miss Hill 


Our staff will show commitment to using technology in the classroom.  We will have MIE Experts in all year groups across the academy to drive the use of technology in all classrooms. 

10/3/19 - Staff have submitted their applications and we are waiting for approval. 

We have 8 MIE Experts across our academy as of August 2019 

Children from Year 2 to Year 6 access Microsoft Teams in learning time. 

February 2019 

Teaching Staff 


Pupils will be able to enhance their learning by the use of technology in the lessons.  Through the use of Teams, everything will be accessed I one place to maximise learning time. 

March 2019 – Pupils are using Teams in all year groups in and out of learning time. 

Objective met  

Digital technology should be present in at least 90% of lessons. 

May 2019 

Middle Leadership Team 


Technology will become so embedded that it is used where it is needed naturally without specific planning or direction. 

Learning walks planned for April 2019 

Objective met  

75% of children reach ARE when assessed against the criteria in our Basic Skills Policy. 

July 2018 

Digital Champion 


Children will be working at ARE or above with Microsoft applications 


 Objective met, but we do need to ensure we have more evidence.